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What is VetView?

VetView is an enterprise web-based Veterinary Hospital Software and Laboratory Management Software product.

Who developed VetView?

VetView was not developed by a private business or corporation. VetView’s project team is part of the University of Georgia.

VetView is Web-Based

VetView is web-based and operates independently of browsers and operating systems.

VetView is Dynamic and Agile

VetView is a dynamic product that can change quickly as industry trends change.

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Latest Posts

VetView used in UGA General Surgery Practicum class

Friday, January 17, VetView was given their first opportunity to test the upcoming hospital module on a group of veterinary students who had never before seen any veterinary software. The General Surgery Practicum class at UGA offers sophomore veterinary students the opportunity to create and work with mock cases and to work on a test subject from start to finish

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VetView is pleased to announce two new additions to the Support & Operations Team.

Rick Eggleston joins us from Oklahoma where he specialized in Software Development with several notable firms, most recently Concentra. With more than 15 years of experience in software positions ranging from developer to project manager and business analyst, Rick has quickly shown himself to be an asset in all facets of the support process. As an Application Analyst with VetView,

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VetView Drops Beta

In the past, we”ve traditionally named our releases Beta 0.X.X, maintaining the Beta naming convention with every version. This time around, on the release of our next version (Version 0.8), we have decided to drop the beta from our product”s name. Why Use Beta in the First Place? Typically a Beta product contains most or all of the features a

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